I'm a chef and nutritionist by day and a bead lover by night.  Actually I love both food and beads ALL day EVERY day, but I digress...


Beads By Ebeth, is a project of my company Breastfeeding Chef.  As mom boss at Breastfeeding Chef I work with women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, starting solids and weaning helping them to nourish and nurture themselves, their breast milk, children and family with delicious whole foods. I also provide meaningful mentorship that inspires confidence, clarity and comfort for women on their motherhood journey.


My challenge was, in order to charge fees that reflect the quality and value of my service, some moms who wanted and could benefit from my offerings could not afford them.


Because I’m the type of person who is driven to serve, I wanted to find a way to share my energy, expertise and experience with moms in need who did not have the financial means to pay me.


Beads by Ebeth is my solution.


100% of the profits from the sale of beads by Ebeth pieces fund free and low cost nutrition, cooking and wellness education for moms.


When you purchase one of my beaded bracelets or necklaces you allow me to provide free and discounted consultations, to offer free content and, to create free downloadable and printable materials that moms, dads, doulas, lactation counselors, birth workers and pediatricians can use to better serve themselves and the women they work with.


That’s what I call, high fashion--fashion, with a higher purpose.


Find out more about me and my work by visiting my sister site Breastfeeding Chef