Want a one-of-a-kind piece JUST for you?

I've got you covered! I'd love to make a piece just for you in the colors you enjoy and with the gemstones that may most benefit you. A custom design costs $20 per bracelet plus the cost of materials.  Drop me a line and let's get started.

Got beads you'd like made into a custom piece for you or a friend

I'm happy to help. Custom orders are designed on quality, durable, stretchy jewelry cord.  If no additional beads are needed the cost of customer design is $20 per bracelet.  If extra beads are required to complete your design the cost is $20 per bracelet, plus the cost of any additional materials.

want a unique thank you gift for the women in your wedding party?

A Beads by Ebeth bracelet designed in the colors of your wedding is a great gift for the women in your wedding party.  Drop me a line and lets get started.  Pricing is determined based on the number of bracelets ordered.  Be in touch for details.



Did your favorite beaded bracelet break? 

I'm so sorry to hear that!  And, I'm happy to restore you beaded bracelet on drable, stretchy, jewelry chord.  If some of your beads were lost at the time of breakage I can add beads to complete the look and ensure a proper fit.  

Contact me for a quote.