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Shiva Swirl


I was literally on my way out of the bead store when I caught a glimpse of these flat, creamy white, caramel swirled beads hanging on a far wall.  I made a bee-line over to them and asked the expert behind the counter what they are. Apparently they are called Shiva Shells.

I paired these shells--which feel incredible to the touch: cool, smooth and full of positive vibration--with yellowish-brown beads of serpentine.

All Beads by Ebeth pieces are handmade to order in limited quantity, with loving intention and attention to detail.  

Because each gemstone is unique every bracelet is one of a kind and your bracelet may not look exactly like the one pictured here.

Scroll down to earn more about the healing and energetic properties of the gemstones in the piece.

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Every gemstone has healing properties that nourish and nurture different aspects of our mind, body and spirit.  People are attracted not only to the color of gemstones but also to those stones that are most helpful to them.  Don't be surprised if they offer exactly what YOU--or the person you're buying this for--need.


Shiva Shell helps the wearer to find a new path in life. It gives one the vision of the Third Eye and is believed to sharpen the wearer’s intuition, which in turn enhances discernment and deep understanding. It is a stone of wisdom which helps one to understand the world and it’s events. It can help facilitate deep understanding of the inner self.


Serpentine can help women with menstrual issues, such as pain and cramps.  It is also said to help regulate the milk flow when one is breastfeeding. It may even out one’s moods and help calm the wearer feel calm when in stressful or hectic situations.